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By kayratekMart 6, 2023

Collective Agreement between Ges and Teacher Unions

Recently, there has been significant progress in the relationship between the Ghana Education Service (GES) and teacher unions in the country. After years of negotiations and disputes, both sides have finally reached a collective agreement aimed at improving the conditions of teachers and enhancing the delivery of education in the country.

The collective agreement covers several key areas of concern for teachers, including salaries, promotions, and retirement benefits. One of the most significant provisions of the agreement is an increase in the base salary of teachers, which will go a long way in addressing the long-standing issue of teacher remuneration in Ghana.

In addition, the agreement also provides for more transparency and fairness in the promotion process for teachers. Previously, promotions were often marred by allegations of favoritism and nepotism, leading to discontent and demotivation among teachers. The new agreement establishes clear criteria and procedures for promotions, ensuring that they are based on merit and performance, rather than personal connections.

Another major aspect of the agreement is the establishment of a pension scheme for teachers. This is a crucial development, given that many teachers in Ghana retire without any form of financial security. The new scheme will provide a safety net for retiring teachers and ensure that they are able to enjoy a decent standard of living in their twilight years.

The collective agreement also recognizes the importance of continuing professional development for teachers. Under the agreement, the GES will provide regular training and development opportunities for teachers, enabling them to acquire new skills and keep abreast of best practices in the education sector.

Overall, the collective agreement between the GES and teacher unions is a positive step towards improving the welfare of teachers and enhancing the quality of education in Ghana. By addressing the key concerns of teachers and providing a framework for fair and transparent negotiations, the agreement has the potential to create a more harmonious and productive relationship between teachers and the government. Ultimately, this can only benefit Ghana’s education system and the next generation of students.

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